I used to plough on till the end of every book I chose to read, now I think life is too short and might even give myself up to 100 pages before I give up. I still accidentally find some great books as you suggest and often it’s just luck.

Savidge Reads

That might sound like an obvious, or even slightly silly, question but it is one that I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. There have been various things recently that have made me ponder this and so I thought I would use the blog as a sound board for them, but also to see if any of you have pondered the same things too.

After I finished ‘Diving Belles’ by Lucy Wood I had that sense of loss that you only get in one in every twenty or thirty books (or more actually) if you are lucky. That does sound odd, linking loss and luck, but it’s true, books that simply blow you out of the water with their atmosphere, writing and most of all story (for me at least) don’t land in your lap every day. Yet after reading ‘Diving Belles’, once the slight bereft…

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I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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