I’ve booked my place in the race now I just need somewhere to stay…

Last night I must have spent about two hours trying to keep up my enthusiasm for the Edinburgh Half Marathon I’ve entered as I searched for accommodation for the night before the race. Now I know Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland but I really thought I would have time to pick and choose the ideal hotel for that night, I mean the race isn’t until the end of May.

However, I searched and found everything handy and remotely affordable had been sold out! I was shocked and when I looked further I found the only available accommodation for that date was very much the high end of the market.The hotels I could find were gorgeous, luxurious and serve fabulous meals. Great, the only problem might be I won’t exactly be able to eat rich food the night before a race. I’m sure even if you don’t run you might gather the potential problem. I know I won’t have time to make full use of the hotel facilities but if my only misfortunate of the night before a race is simply suffering a luxurious bedroom and superb bathroom, I suppose I could do worse. I considered all my options,that meant I had to make a decision, I mean I am training specifically for that race, it looks beautiful on the map and if I remember rightly from previous races I’ve run in that area, it is beautiful scenery. A little windy maybe but beautiful all the same. I’ve bitten the bullet on this one. I think I’ll need to earn a wee bit more money so paying the bill for ONE night won’t hurt so much. The hotel I choose to book into is so dear but looks amazing, the full Scottish breakfast looks fantastic and I’m just sorry I won’t be able to eat it – I wonder if they do packed lunches? 😉

Do other runners manage to find their accommodation before the race alright? How do you do it?


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