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I had a fabulous run today even though it was freezing cold there was no ice, no snow and I just ran. In fact I ran 12k when I’d only intended to run a little over 10k but the day was so delicious and such excellent weather for a run, I couldn’t cut back.

What I love about running is it opens you up – opens your lungs so you breathe deeply, opens your mind and it relaxes you so much even though you’re putting a healthy amount of pressure an strain on your heart and your legs, it just makes you feel so good. I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t run. I should though, until only 5 or 6 years ago i was always a fat bookish one. Same at school, fat, fun, I’m sure of that but once my beer drinking, junk food addict sister told me she had run a 10K race, I knew I’d have to do it too – and beat her time. Ridiculous in so many ways but sibling rivalry continues forever. I know my grandmother and her sisters were always competitive even in their 80s.

But running is the key in the blog today. Once I decided on running 5 years or so ago, I felt better in every way and the big selling point is always – I lost weight, went down 2 dress sizes and I’m more relaxed, because I’m away from sitting down at home of a Sunday morning (and some others) my mind feels fresh to explore new ideas for writing and to be honest – anything else. I just love it. I love that feeling of a legal high, the feeling I can do anything.

If you don’t run (yet) you should really give it a healthy shot. A chance to relax even in action and a fabulous way to meet other runners once you start the topic of training, which race? What time are you hoping for? Free and easy conversation topic at parties or just meeting new friends – even at work.


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I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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2 Responses to Running Writer

  1. 12…12 kilometers? That’s what, a little over 6 miles, maybe 7? Wow.

    Geez, I REALLY need to get in shape. ^^;
    I can manage maybe…4 miles of running. IF I’m on the Gazelle. Some days I manage twice that, but only if I break it up into multiple sections, and I still don’t feel like doing much the next day. But going outside and running? I’m winded long before I reach a half a mile.

    I love the “drop two dress sizes” part, though. How long did you have to keep running to manage that? The full five years?
    And I think I need to drop about FIVE sizes….

    • Thank you for your reply and I must admit it’s hard to know how long it took me to drop any dress size. It was when other people started commenting on my weight loss I realised running must do the job. I recommend you run at your own pace and enjoy it – you’re only in competition with yourself really. I just need to run a bit (I’m definitely not great)in order to be a tolerable human being as well as trying not to get too fat(ter).I’ll race though, again for me not to win any big prizes or titles.

      Good luck with any running you do

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