Think positive!

Recently I have been convinced that a positive attitude is the way to go in life. I mean looking on the bright side and trying to take something positive out of every situation even if the situation seems awful at first.

It started when someone told me to see myself first and foremost as a writer and to positively affirm that declaration several times a day – mostly to myself so I can build confidence and maybe even convince other people of my ability and certainly my attitude. From that I was told to try meditation in order to focus and envisage where I want to be and push any negative thoughts out of my head by replacing them with a positive thoughts. I have found an odd solace in images of The Colosseum in Rome in my head. Also I was told to smile because it forces you to be happy – to some extent, can’t do anything but add to positivity.

I’m new at this positive thing but when I was out with my husband the other Saturday our positive attitudes seemed to help both of us to focus on what we wanted, even what we needed and this resulted in the ideal mirror we had been looking for,  about two years, just appearing – it seemed – in a furniture shop when we’d actually gone in to look at lamps. Funny what turns up – we waited until we’d measured up at home, phoned the shop and order that same mirror within the hour.

Another positive thing that happened that very same afternoon was that the manager of a restaurant decided to give us our lunch “on the house” because he liked our attitudes and the way we encouraged him to make his business even better by trying out a new positive attitude instead of worrying all the time. He was worried about money but having given us a free lunch that day I bet he got lots of new customers to his restaurant because we told people how great his place was.

I have to think of happy songs to make me smile – hey might make the world a brighter place if everyone were to sing, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin  or “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley ( because they must be a couple of the happiest songs about.


About loveofwords52

I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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4 Responses to Think positive!

  1. A positive attitude will take you far in life 🙂 Cheers and great post!

  2. Eve Redwater says:

    It can be hard to stay positive, but finding snippets in little things that you weren’t expecting – like that mirror – can really lighten you day, you know? 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I think you’re right about trying to find even a little something positive every day. It makes everything seem brighter (I paraphrase what you said) I know what you mean. :-))

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