Nano Wrimo Redraft Time

I wonder how many Nano Wrimo writers end up editing their November novels? November 2011 was my third attempt at 50,000 words in the space of one month, I managed fine in 2007 with my YA novel but I haven’t ever spent any time editing that novel. It simply sits in my desk drawer quietly going out of fashion so whenever I do decide to try and edit it, I’ll have to look at the characters’ world in a different light – involving wii, more high tech computer games/ideas and who knows what else so that only slightly explains my delay (huge) with that novel. However my 2010 Nanowrimo attempt was abandoned less than half way through which means I’m pinning a lot of labour and a lot of time on my latest novel: “A Life Wasted“.

Today I managed to edit the first three chapters and did feel rather a lot of positive energy about it. I read it from yesterday and felt happy that I wasn’t physically cringing after looking at it for the first time since the end of November. I know that writing needs a bit of time to rest and the writer (me in this case) should only look at it again after it has had time to cook. This afternoon while I was editing I felt almost happy about my work however the expression: “Murder your darlings.” kept popping into my head and I remember being told that in my main writers’ group so that we are never complacent with the quality of our work. Complacent is the last thing I want to be about any of my writing but I do want to edit my novel to a good standard before I start involving readers and editors.

I still do wonder though, what do other Nano Wrimo Novelist do with their completed novels?


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4 Responses to Nano Wrimo Redraft Time

  1. ifimjuliet says:

    As a NaNoWriMo writer, I met the 50,000+ word challenge but my novel is nowhere close to down. I’m trying to finish it before editing, but the desire to start editing is strong.

    • I feel the same way.
      I participated in 2010 and in 2011 (my first attempts), “won” both times, and yet neither novel is actually completed.
      I wound up giving away the code last year for the free CreateSpace proof, and I feel like I’m going to run up close to the deadline this year…if I’m lucky. I do have a Master’s Degree capstone course and graduation to deal with, as well.

      The question is, which novel should I complete in order to use the code this year (five free prints instead of one free proof)?
      And should I just break off the story somewhere for the code or actually complete the darn thing? (2010 is “complete” to a particular section and simply needs a spot of editing, but I have almost nothing even PLOTTED beyond that. Whereas 2011 is plotted beginning to end but has too many scenes that still only exist as “notes” and others that need major revisions.)

      That being said, I do have one short story snatched from a flashback in 2011’s NaNo…and the short story is almost done.
      Fully plotted, fully written, just needs the revising to make it look good. (It took up about 5000 words in the original draft.)
      But I don’t want to use the CreateSpace code on that…. I want to use it on one of the NOVELS.

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