Road Racing 2012: sign up!

I received an advert for The Great Scottish Run race by e-mail today so I felt there was little choice but to act on it. That means before we’ve even reached 2012 I have committed myself to not only a race in Glasgow but a half-marathon and predicted a time for myself.

I’m very excited. In fact I was so excited when I started signing up, that all the marketing tricks and money making schemes worked perfectly for me – I added the upgrade entry which means for an extra £5 I’ll get a tech tee shirt to keep me cool (if the rain doesn’t manage alone).

The 2010 Ignis Asset Management Women's 10k

To add more to mybasket – like sweeties at the checkout in asupermarket, I added the May Women’s 10K – also with tech type tee shirt. On this Scottish dreich evening I am so keen to get out running and it will happen tomorrow morning because I’ve other things to do after work – maybe the gym, definitely some Christmas shopping so it’s best to run first then tackle the day on that legal high that good running brings. I think everyone should try it –

Check out no matter where you live in the world.

The next thing is the actual running outside in winter, how does everyone else do it?


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