Snow’s Gone but now we’ve got: #hurricanebawbag

Recently I’ve been a bit down because the weather hasn’t been safe enough for a good run outside in Glasgow but today we’ve been lucky with the gales, strong winds are dangerous  times but I’m so glad in Scotland we’ve been embracing it. Then banter is rife, colloquial language and laughs as the roofs are ripped off and people are sent home from work. The schools have been closed all day in most of Scotland I believe and it’s not just the kids who are hyper now!

Check out Twitter if you can and I hope #hurricanebawbag is still trending on Twitter. Certainly keeps the spirits up, brings everyone together and isn’t laughter some sort of positive exercise anyway?

I just hope the power doesn’t go in my area again. I can’t remember if we bought new candles to replace the ones we burned the other week when we had a power cut due to vandalism to the major power lines.


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