Nano Wrimo Winner (at last)

It’s been a long month busy working AND trying to complete my 50K novel for Nano Wrimo. Keeps you busy.

At first I thought I was a bit smart having a rough plan in a notebook about plot, characters and back stories but after about a week I was getting a little bit stuck with ideas. Still this show was going on and my characters would be developed – and still will once I start editing in January.

The whole idea of writing a novel of any description under the sun is one hell of a challenge. I am so happy to be finished and be learning so much along the way. In some senses I worried that I would lose part of my life by devoting so many hours simply to writing with a very bare effort at editing – can’t waste too much time, got to keep the ideas flowing. 

Yesterday and today I knew I would be finished and I knew roughly how the story would end, which characters had developed the most and for my editing in January I now know a lot about changes that must be made. I want to make this a good and proper novel with believable even though they might be frustrating characters and incidents. 

Only once this whole month have I shared a paragraph of my writing and I’m glad I did. Pre-editing obviously but I’m not ready to kill my darlings yet. I must wait until January and take stock of the whole creation. Well done all Nano Wrimo participants – you can’t help but learn from the experience in November but it’s coming up to the month of Christmas horrors and stress. No novel for me.

That means, for me, December is a month for poetry and I will have to create another blog posting site alongside this Love of Words 52 blog area. I’ll call a tandem site – Pure Poetry and to be honest, I will shamelessly plug my poetry on Twitter and Facebook  and encourage other writers to do the same.








About loveofwords52

I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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