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” title=”Reading and Writing Sleepy Mixture”>Reading and Writing Sleepy Mixture

I’m v involved in writing  my 50K novel as part of Nano Wrimo and I wonder how many other people feel totally sleepy as they write? I suppose I have been awake since 3.30am this morning, worked an 8 hour – or so day to come home and write again. I do love it, don’t ever get me wrong on that one but my tiredness gives me typos so I tried to find a diversion in reading so my writing wouldn’t go off the rails entirely – I’ve found it in “GoodReads Choice Awards. I voted, wrote 100 words more, nearly fell asleep so I decided to Word Press stuff and soldier on.

I’m still writing about a 65 year old lady, recently retired teacher and in love – probably for the first time. She’s currently in Madrid with her beau on holiday and he’s a bit pissed off because he had his wallet stolen. Maybe they’ll fall out over this one or maybe he’ll encourage her back to the hotel to enrich their relationship instead. I’m not sure yet – maybe I’ll have to sleep on that idea.


About loveofwords52

I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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