Another day at the hospital.

In my own life I am glad to get my hands on Series 6 of “The Sopranos” – it’s been a bit of a daft trial because I bought Part Two rather than Part One due to lousy labelling. Good thing is though, I’m over 26,000 words in my Nano Wrimo novel so far and it seems to be taking itself to the hospital quite a bit. I suppose it’s logical when all of the characters who appear are over 65, have good lives but at the end of the day they’re convincingly human – I hope.
I wonder how is everyone else getting on in their novels? Does everyone else batter through one or two ideas per chapter knowing it will be edited next month or at a later date yet? I’m interested. I know I enjoy writing but I also like to see results’ I suppose that’s a big part of the pleasure in blogging. ‘-)


About loveofwords52

I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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