Nano Wrimo Fever – pre-November

I’m so looking forward to writing my novel of intensity that I’m uber planning already. Do other people plan before they take part or do they just go with the flow?

When I last completed the 50,000 words – in 2007- I had a bit of an idea in my head and just wrote but now I’m rather older, more experienced, I just want to plan and take it carefully without cheating – myself at least. I really enjoyed writing my last novel and as I wrote with gusto I took it for granted everything would turn out a grand success. However, I hadn’t included any time for editing once November was over so my first draft with only slighted edited first 3 chapters still sits in my desk drawer.

I think now, because I’ve included some editing time in January I should manage a little more success in the grown up way you can do when you take responsibility for your own actions.

I wonder are there any more Nano Wrimo contenders this year who are planning out their writing time and steps for success?

Maybe it won’t be as easy as I’m hoping this year.

You can but try! Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!


About loveofwords52

I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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