Car Crash Aftermath

Yesterday – another rainy day in Glasgow– I decided to head home via the ever glorious park. Better than walking downhill on boring pavements from my charity shop, (long overdue) drop in of old clothes and books – that feel-good action following a big tidy up in the flat. Sadly I do feel quite virtuous after clearing out unused stuff from my flat – maybe someone will make better use of my long out-of-date denim skirt and weird shirts. Good luck to them.

I was thinking these sorts of things as I heard sirens screaming behind me – ambulance? Police? Fire brigade? I wondered but as the rain poured down my nosey-parker self got the better of me, I had to leave the park by the nearest side gate and check it out.  It was all of the above I noticed but I was too near the top of the hill to see where they were going and find out what had happened.

Still, I made my way down the hill and noticed that the road I was turning down had been closed off  by the police. There was a police car at the top end of the road and as I walked downhill I could see there was one at the bottom with two very bored looking young policemen standing guard probably to make sure nobody tried to drive down the closed road and very probably to prevent childish fights – the agro that road closures can cause. But the cause of this was something I was fortunate enough not to witness first hand.

Close to the bottom of the hill was the remnants of a pretty serious car crash. There were three cars displaying various states of damage – smashed windows, bashed bonnet where the front car had crashed into a the park railings, car doors dented and several doors looked as if they’d been thrown open – a vicious rage or emergency services hauling out injured parties? I’ll never know but I felt like a detective in an odd way trying to work out what happened. There was no obvious blood on the road which may be a good sign but the road was closed for a good few hours so I wonder if that means there was further investigation to take place.  I guess I won’t ever know unless I take the park-keeper’s words I overheard to the policeman. The park-keeper was talking about one car speeding as if the driver was racing the other cars. Not an uncommon occurrence in towns let alone cities I know.

I was so curious about the incident at the time, especially because that particular road is normally very busy, nothing exciting,  just through, fast-moving  traffic. There were only the two policemen, the parkie, me and an old lady walking her dog on a usually packed, noisy street. I was inspired by this mystery to start writing a poem but as with most of my poems it’s cooking with the idea and even the title which is the same as the title of today’s blog. I’ll probably post up my poem Car Crash Aftermath once I feel a wee bit happier with it.


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I love writing and I'm addicted to reading - I'll read anything and everything but I especially enjoy contemporary writing - always the hope of meeting the living writer.
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